Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Rindu...rindu...rindu dengan korang semua !!! *menangis* Lama zura tak update blog. I'm too busy T__T Petang ini zura curi masa untuk berbelog kejap memandangkan half of my assignment and project are done. 

For short, hari ini zura nak upload pictures on my latest event. Actually the event last week on 15.11.2014. Dinner PEMETA 2014. Alhamdulillah the event went well and smoothly =) Congrates to organizer and their committee members ( 3 SGHU). The event was held at Johor Golf and Country Club, Johor. 

Theme : Tie and Flowers
Venue : Johor Golf Country Club

MUA by Fariza Yaakob. Thank babe !

Half of my picture with friends and the loved one.
To all my blogwalking, thanks to those yang always keep in touch with me and sorry for disappearing too long. See you when you see me. I need to prepare myself for night class tonight. See you on my next entry. InshAllah. Lots of love ~ zura ~


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