Sunday, December 2, 2012

Never Forget My Historic Day ♥☺☻♫

Assalammualaikum =)

Hye all :) Selamat Tengah hari, Happy Sunday & Holiday !!
Dah lunch ke?? kalau belom meh singgah baca belog aku dulu then pergi lunch okay??
Not to be late for me to wish my lovely, Ahmad Afif
''Happy Relationship abang, Hope our relationship remain, happily ever after to the end our life"
In Shaa Allah

Yesterday our anniversary 1st Dec 2012
✿ Happy 1 year 9 month (21 month) our relations

i love you awak, i ♥ you muchh (!) mmuaahhh !!

I hope we able to journey ahead all the challenges and tests of life together. understanding and trust each other.In Shaa Allah..Aminnn~

p/s:my dinner pictures at KSL Hotel last Friday.
Stay tuned if you want to see more picture, do not forget to always tapped into this site.I will update soOn. Don't forget !! (>‿◠)


Wassalam =)

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